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01-10-14 The Hollywood Reporter

Am I right or am I right? (c)

On the 2005 set of Just My Luck, two careers collided spectacularly. There was the 18-year-old star, considered the most promising actress of her generation, commanding a $7 million-plus paycheck. And there was the 24-year-old no-name leading man, just happy to be there. Perhaps the romantic comedy's hackneyed plotline about the world's luckiest ingenue (Lindsay Lohan) swapping fortunes with a random hot guy (Chris Pine) came true. While Lohan never again reached such heights and today is trawling for paid club appearances, Pine is one of Hollywood's most in-demand leading men.

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C новым годом :-D

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He's the other someone that loves Jim. Which is to say that Leonard Mccoy is nothing at all.
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