Am I right or am I right? (c)
Новости про Z for Zachariah - по всей видимости, следующий проект Криса.

"A post-apocalyptic film featuring Hollywood stars Chris Pine and Amanda Seyfried is to be shot in Port Levy on Banks Peninsula early next year.
Seyfried (Mama Mia) plays Anna while Pine (Captain Kirk in Star Trek Into Darkness) plays one of the men and British star Chiwetel Ejiofor the other.
Craig Zobel, well-known for indie films Compliance and Great World of Sound, will direct.
The producers have chosen a stately Port Levy home as the farmhouse and are looking at other locations around the peninsula and the region, but want to keep the project quiet to keep away nosy visitors.
They will be filming between January and March.
Production company Z4Z Productions is looking for accommodation in the area for up to 50 film crew. The company was set up by Steven Johnson, a Hollywood-based maker of music videos, commercials and independent films.
Port Levy is no stranger to movies, having featured in Peter Jackson’s 1994 film Heavenly Creatures.”

Если кратенько, то съемки стартуют в Новой Зеландии в начале следующего года, т.е. уже совсем скоро! Это, скорее всего, означает, что на премьеру "Джека Райана" Крис в Москву не приедет.
А "Джек Райан" тем временем был конвертирован и выйдет в январе уже в формате IMAX.

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